Sermons on Grace

Sermons on Grace

Grace is Still Amazing


Sermon Scripture:  Romans 7:1-8:11 When we died to Christ, we died to the law. (v. 7:1-6) Like marriage (Mark 10:1-12) Re-marry (1 Timothy 5:14) Surrendering to Jesus is putting the old self to death and uniting with Him. Until we died to the law, sin used the law. (v. 7:7-13) You can’t keep them so just live life You can keep them so work, work, work until judgment The law isn’t to blame, I am. (v. 7:14-25) We want to…
Grace is Still Amazing


Sermon Scripture:  Romans 6 Into:  Let’s take a walk Walking in a new life means we have buried the old one. (V. 1-4) Christ died, putting sin away from us. Don’t put something old on something new (Matthew 9:16-17) If you say you are a Lions fan, then prove it. Walking with Jesus means that death no longer is in control. (V. 5-11) Dead to sin (1 Corinthians 3:1-3) Let all malice be put away (Eph. 4:31) Walking in righteousness…
Grace is Still Amazing

The Calm During the Storm

Sermon Scripture:  Romans 5 There is peace in justification. (v.1-5) Paul’s life  Peace in suffering (2 cor 11:24-26, Philippians 1:21) Peace because of the Holy Spirit There is peace when we are loved. (v.6-11) Two women who met Jeus (John 4:13; 8:10-11) While we were still weak sinners Christ died for us Saved from experiencing God’s wrath There is peace in overcoming. (v.12-17) The prodigal son (Luke 15:19) Man’s sin was a huge obstacle A costly free gift There is…
Grace is Still Amazing

Grace Refrigerator

Romans 3:21-4:25 Intro:  What’s on your fridge? The lists capture the “to-do’s” in our life. (Romans 3:21-22;27-28;4:4-5,15) Exodus 20:1-17, Matthew 22:37-40 Romans 3:19-20 The pictures capture memories we don’t want to forget. (Romans 4:1-3,9-12) Genesis 12:1-4 Genesis 17:9-14 Rom 4:11 The artwork captures grace because most of us produce stuff only mom could love. (Romans 3:23-24;29-31;4:16) Rom 4:18-19 Rom 3:23-24 God’s grace is the magnet that holds all believers in place.
Grace is Still Amazing

The Need for Amazing Grace

Sermon Scripture:  Romans 1:18-3:20 The need for grace is because humans have rejected God. There is no acceptable excuse for not knowing God, yet we still look for one. (1:18-20) God gave us up to “dishonorable passions,” He didn’t force them on us. (1:21-26) Paul is speaking to us all, but we like to think he is talking about “sinners.” (2:1,3-4)) We are all sinners and that is why we need and should be thankful for grace. (3:10-18) The one…
Grace is Still Amazing


Sermon Scripture:  Romans 1:1-17 Sermon Big Idea:  We, like Paul, have a purpose, passion, and path we are called to take.  And it all leads to grace. Paul – Acts 7:58, 8:3, 9:1-6 Rome – don’t know who started it. Letter probably 56-57 AD. Heart of the beast Our purpose is to abide by God’s calling (v. 1) Servant – John 13:14-15 Apostle – sent one – Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8 Set apart – 2 Cor. 3:2 Our passion is…
The Feast Sermon Series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

A Gift From the Host

Luke 19:1-10 Sermon Big Idea:  Truly inviting Jesus to our feast is to let him be the host. Short in stature, short in morals, but a tall stack of money had he. Zacchaeus couldn’t resist the desire to see Jesus. What identified Zacchaeus was replaced with Jesus. Jesus healed another blind man. Jesus became the host of Zacchaeus’ house by way of salvation.
Galatians - Sermon Series at KCC

The Great Restoration

Galatians 6 The Big Idea:  We are to bear one another’s scars, not take credit for their healing Bear the burdens of our brothers Bear the responsibility of good Bear the marks of Christ “The grace of Christ be with us all.”  Because the works of the law won’t save us.
Kalkaska_Church_of_Christ Life's Healing Choices Sermon Slide

The Echocardiogram

Matthew 5:7-8 Acts 2:42-47 Matthew 18:21-35 It’s exhausting to see people in a cycle of sin. In order to show mercy, you have to wield some power. A life apart from God’s mercy is costly. Mercy forgives, it doesn’t prolong the inevitable. Matthew 9:9-13 The difference between mercy and sacrifice is the heart. Psalm 51

The Bride of Christ

Sermon notes can be found on Feel free to make comments too. Why does the church look and sound more like the world? WHEN DO PEOPLE RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT? IF IT’S WHEN YOU’RE BAPTIZED, WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE IN ACTS THAT HAD BEEN BAPTIZED IN THE NAME OF JESUS, BUT DIDN’T RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT UNTIL THE APOSTLES LAID HANDS ON THEM? Why is the church so judgmental?
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