Sermons on Compassion

Sermons on Compassion

Destination Jesus. Believe. Belong. Become. Kalkaska Church of Christ

Unrelenting Compassion

Sermon Series:  Destination Jesus Sermon Title:  Unrelenting Compassion Sermon Scripture: See Below Big Idea:  The compassion we are to show is modeled by our mothers but described and instructed by our Father. Ephesians 4:32 Matthew 1:21-23 Mark 6:34; Mark 8:2; Matthew 5:1-12 Matthew 28:19-20; Matthew 25; James 1:27 Romans 5:8; Luke 23:34 Compassion is a part of Jesus’ ministry, His model, and His mission.
KCC Guest Speaker

Orphans and Widows

Tony Wolf shared his heart for caring for orphans and windows from James 1:27. Tony Wolf is what you might call a jack of all trades.  Tony is a recommended speaker by the NSA (National Speakers Association), Upward Sports and TCA (Thriving Charity Advocates). Wolf is the author of “Serve One.”  Tony is also a tried and true comedian and musician having produced six albums and penned over 50 song parodies including one that reached the iTunes top 40.  With a degree in How COVID has affected us
Galatians - Sermon Series at KCC

The Great Restoration

Galatians 6 The Big Idea:  We are to bear one another’s scars, not take credit for their healing Bear the burdens of our brothers Bear the responsibility of good Bear the marks of Christ “The grace of Christ be with us all.”  Because the works of the law won’t save us.

Living Water

There isn’t too many things more satisfying on a hot day than a cold drink. God has provided us with living water that once we taste it, we won’t settle for anything else. Too many times we keep trying to find satisfaction on our own when God has already provided for us more than we could ever know.

Shoes & Socks Part 2

Live a Christ Inspired life… Seek Scripture – Mark 1:22 Sharpen and be sharpened – Mark 3:13-14; Mark 2:17 Show compassion – Mark 6:34; Mark 8:2 Serve – Mark 10:43-45 Follow your heart Find your PART Finish what you start When we live by Jesus’ plan, we are hanging an eternal banner on our hearts; the banner declaring Jesus as our Champion.

Time to Re-Focus

Mark 8:1-21 Compassion is caring for others Faith is belief there will be enough Understanding is knowledge of the perfection of Christ within the broken pieces The Pharisees tested Jesus because they didn’t believe The Pharisees wanted a sign of power Jesus’ answer is compassion The disciples were focused on the physical Jesus says to focus on the Spiritual Conclusion: It is time to re-focus!