Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

“...helping people journey with Jesus”

our Vision

As we help people journey with Jesus, our desire is to have everyone connected with our church…

Sidney with Jermima
  1. Seek Scripture. Jesus taught in the synagogue from the books of the law and presumably the prophets and poetry in such a way that people were amazed at his teaching. The Bible is our authority. The Bible is our authority.  The Bible is our “…lamp to our feet and light to our path.”  The Bible is where we go to know God and learn how to follow Jesus.
  2. Sharpen and Be Sharpened Jesus had his group of 12 but also his smaller group of three that he discipled while he was ministering on earth.  In these discipleship relationships, he asked deep, probing questions, and challenged the men he was discipling.  We offer discipleship environments in order to help everyone to be challenged to grow in their relationship with Jesus.
  3. Show Compassion.  When Jesus went into a village or among a group of people, the Bible tells us he had compassion on the people and stopped to heal them. We will connect to our community by reaching out and meeting their needs.
  4. Serve Sacrificially. Jesus said that to be the greatest in the Kingdom is to be the servant of all.  Jesus washed the Disciples feet.  And Jesus, of course, sacrificed his own life for ours.  We want everyone to find their place of serving within his church.  As Paul said, “we are one body but with many members.”  If everyone called by God to KCC does not serve in their PART, we are unhealthy.