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A Royal Rescue

A Royal Reversal – Pt. 1

Sermon Scripture:  Esther 8-10 The Big Idea: When we stand strong, God will deliver on his promises.  When we turn our heart away from him we end up in exile. Esther gets a reversal of fortune from the king. God reminds people of their upcoming reversal of home. Israel gets a reversal from victims to victors. The Persians and Medes feared the reversal of position. When we stand strong in Christ, no reversal is necessary.
A Royal Rescue

Best Laid Plans

Esther 5-7 What are we willing to give up for our pride? Haman lived his life for himself. The king lived impulsively. Esther lived courageously and sacrificially for others. Mordecai lived for the promise of God. How then will you live?  Will you live sacrificially, courageously, impulsively, selfishly, or will you live for God’s promise?
A Royal Rescue

Jumping without a parachute

Sermon Scripture:  Esther 4 Sermon Big Idea:  Life brings difficult situations.  When they come, how will we respond? When in distress, go humbly before the Lord. When in distress, look where God is already working. When in distress, ask the hard questions. When in distress, do the hard thing. The easy way out usually isn’t a way out at all.


Putting Words in Sherry’s Mouth

As many of you have probably been made aware by now, our sister in Christ and friend, Sherry Johnson went to be with Jesus Tuesday morning at 9:07 AM.  I asked Sherry last week what message she wanted me to share at her funeral. She was very specific as to what to share and so I will wait until Saturday morning to share that message.  However, in regards to Sherry, I would like to share a short passage of Scripture…
Tanzania, Africa

Todd & Ann Ziems share at KCC

What a refreshing time sharing with Todd & Ann Ziems this past Sunday. The Ziems started Son-International in January 2003 with a heart to share the love of Jesus and provide clean, drinking water for people in Tanzania, Africa. If you missed hearing about their mission work in Tanzania, you can see their talk online either on our website or on our YouTube Channel. The KCC Missions Committee hosted a potluck lunch for the Ziems after worship on Sunday. They…
American Flag with cross image


This is the anniversary of 9/11, a horrific event in the history of our nation. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when the planes hit the towers. Events like this shake our emotions so violently that they carve a lasting memory in our minds. The emotional impact of the event is what makes the memory so vivid and long-lasting. As a Christian, there is another significant event, equally horrific, that I recall. And even though…

The kcc Farming Society

The KCC Farming Society:  “We plant ’em; God grows ’em”.By Andy Bratton, Senior Minister A guy came into my office before Alice Babcock’s funeral and told me that before Alice died she wanted to meet with him.  He went to the hospital to meet with her, and while he thought he was there for business, Alice looked at him in the eye and told him that she was concerned about his salvation.  She wanted to know if he and his…

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