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One Love

Revelation 2-3 Sermon Big Idea:  The church is called to be growing in Christ The letters were to churches, not individuals. The letters followed a consistent pattern. The letters end with a promise. 3 Questions… If a letter were written from God, delivered by Jesus to KCC, would you consider yourself one of the recipients? How would the letter describe KCC? Are you prepared for the promise?

One Vision

Revelation 1 Revelation is… About Jesus, from God, to be delivered by John. (v. 1-2) A blessing to all that read, hear, and keep the words it contains. (v. 3) A message to a specific group of churches. (v. 4,11) Clear about who Jesus is, what He did, and will do. (v. 5-8; 12-18) Other worldly. (v. 19-20) If the ultimate end results in one team standing in victory, shouldn’t we want to join that team?  


The Lion of Judah

By David Acker, Youth Minister “I don’t need to do that.” My heart has said at times. I shake my head to rattle out memories at times. I go for a walk in the woods, and try to have a squawk of a hawk or the crashing waves of the ocean drown out my thoughts but quiet pervades this me. I am having another innate struggle with God. It is a naturally quiet moment with no one else in sight.…

New Sermon Series – Epic!

Join us Sunday as we launch a new series called, “Epic,” as we walk through the book of Revelation. I am looking forward to it and hope you are as well. On an unrelated note, thank you to those who helped us feed the teachers on Thursday before school started. We were able to host them for an in-service training. And thank you to all of those who helped provide food for Dan Groner’s Memorial Service out at the camp.…

Simple Systems

by Andy Bratton, Senior Minister I have the privilege on sitting on the board for an organization called NCCE (New Churches of Christ Evangelism).  The purpose of the group is to plant churches in Michigan. Over the past few years there have been new churches planted in Fruitport (south of Muskegon), Saginaw (on the campus of SVSU), and Ubley (a very tiny town in the thumb).  If you are ever in those areas for a Sunday, check them out. Anyway,…

When You Don’t Feel Like Praying

By David Acker, Youth Minister Remember hide and seek? I loved that game. I was always so good at hiding. In fact, I still am. I hide very well. But now I can hide how I am doing very well. I can hide the times I don’t feel like praying. I am a pastor, so obviously, my prayers mean more and I pray more often then others (insert a loud “no way” here.) If I am being honest sometimes my…

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