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Grace is Still Amazing


Sermon Scripture:  Romans 6 Into:  Let’s take a walk Walking in a new life means we have buried the old one. (V. 1-4) Christ died, putting sin away from us. Don’t put something old on something new (Matthew 9:16-17) If you say you are a Lions fan, then prove it. Walking with Jesus means that death no longer is in control. (V. 5-11) Dead to sin (1 Corinthians 3:1-3) Let all malice be put away (Eph. 4:31) Walking in righteousness…
Grace is Still Amazing

The Calm During the Storm

Sermon Scripture:  Romans 5 There is peace in justification. (v.1-5) Paul’s life  Peace in suffering (2 cor 11:24-26, Philippians 1:21) Peace because of the Holy Spirit There is peace when we are loved. (v.6-11) Two women who met Jeus (John 4:13; 8:10-11) While we were still weak sinners Christ died for us Saved from experiencing God’s wrath There is peace in overcoming. (v.12-17) The prodigal son (Luke 15:19) Man’s sin was a huge obstacle A costly free gift There is…
Grace is Still Amazing

Grace Refrigerator

Romans 3:21-4:25 Intro:  What’s on your fridge? The lists capture the “to-do’s” in our life. (Romans 3:21-22;27-28;4:4-5,15) Exodus 20:1-17, Matthew 22:37-40 Romans 3:19-20 The pictures capture memories we don’t want to forget. (Romans 4:1-3,9-12) Genesis 12:1-4 Genesis 17:9-14 Rom 4:11 The artwork captures grace because most of us produce stuff only mom could love. (Romans 3:23-24;29-31;4:16) Rom 4:18-19 Rom 3:23-24 God’s grace is the magnet that holds all believers in place.

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Masking the Struggle

There are many more questions out there than there are answers. And who do we listen to?A politician says one thing and a medical professional says another. Listen to ABC news and feel like this sickness may never end or listen to Fox news and feel like it’s back to business as usual.  We live in confusing times today. This pandemic has up-ended the world like never in our lifetimes. Unemployment has skyrocketed. The stock market is volatile with lower lows and higher highs.…
Church Building Front Kalkaska Church of Christ

To Open or Not Open; that is the question

By Andy Bratton, Senior Minister As we approach our 10th online worship service this Sunday, I think I speak for everyone when I say, “I want to go back to church!!!”  I miss my church family.  I miss seeing everyone’s faces.  I miss singing together.  I miss being on stage and knowing who is there and who is not by looking where you always sit.  I miss Fuzzy’s war stories.  I miss warm handshakes and hugs.  I miss being tackled…
Giving at Kalkaska Church of Christ

Donations to KCC

A question came up recently regarding giving to the church, “Sunday, Andy mentioned one of the online tithing methods was fee free to KCC. Which way is that? I want to make sure the way I do it is fee-free if possible.” Our response: Well, he was close to accurate. The way to give he mentioned is using ACH (i.e. connected bank account like checking). It isn’t free but it is only .25 each transaction. There is no percentage fee.…
Future location of Kalkaska Church of Christ

Here we go (again)!

As we begin a new phase in the life of KCC through modifying the building, I came across a blog that Joyce Tugan did a great job of putting together. It was entitled “Here We Go” and it detailed the progress of construction for the current building we now meet in. There are some great photos, videos, and details of what went into 1725 W. Kalkaska Rd! Check it out. http://herewego.kccwired.com