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7 Questions Sermon Series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

How have we Despised Your Name?

Sermon Scripture:  Malachi 1:6-2:9 The first offering in the Bible was rejected. (Genesis 4:1-5) Cain’s was rejected Abel’s was accepted What was the difference? The third offering was a pleasing aroma. (Genesis 8:20-21) Noah and his sons The fourth offering was to the wrong god. (Genesis 11:4) The tower of Babel was honoring man The offering God desires is… Given with honor (Malachi 1:6a) Given in fear (Malachi 1:6b) Given from the best (Malachi 1:7-14) Led by example (Malachi 2:1-9)…
7 Questions Sermon Series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

How Have you Loved Us?

Malachi 1:1-5 Questions I have Questions we all may have The book of Malachi is the only time we hear of Malachi Malachi may have followed Nehemiah in Jerusalem Written about post-exilic time for Israelites God loved Israel by choosing them to be his people. The calling of Abraham – Genesis 12 What does it mean that he “hated” Esau? Judah the son of promise – Revelation 5:5 God loved Israel by protecting them from enemy nations. Ishmael – Genesis…
Grace is Still Amazing

The New in View

God’s will for the saints: Join in planting, support, and prayer (15:22-33) Join in remembering and celebrating stories (16:1-16) Join in unity (16:17-23) What Paul said about unity (1 Cor. 1:10, Philippians 2:2) What Jesus said about unity (Matthew 18:19) A verse that has caused disunity (Romans 16:17) Join in giving God glory (16:25-27) God’s grace is still amazing because of the new in His view.  He hasn’t given up on those who haven’t surrendered to Him.

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E-News Article - Kalkaska Church of Christ

The Lesson of the Sneeches

By Tim Severance, Associate Minister The Sneeches The Dr. Seuss story, “The Sneeches” has been one of my favorite stories since childhood.  The Sneeches were fine left to themselves. They enjoyed daily life eating, working, playing with one another. Until one day, this chap named, Sylvester McMonkey McBean, showed up with a machine that could put stars on their bellies thus differentiating one Sneech from another. That’s when the problems began. Pride, jealousy, and envy crept in as some Sneeches had stars…
Squirrel - Grand Canyon National Park

Squirrels on Course

I am amazed at how squirrels are creatures of habit. As I write this I have a squirrel outside my window eating all of the bird feed my wife put out for the, well, birds. And he/she cleaned it right out.

Take a Deep Breath

By Sara Blasko, Children’s Ministry Director Have you ever been helping someone lift something REALLY heavy and then all of the sudden realized that you aren’t actually doing anything and that they have taken the brunt of the weight? Growing up with no brothers and two little sisters and a dad that always had a million projects going, I was asked to help with a lot. Several times during construction projects, my dad would ask for help carrying a heavy…
E-News Article - Kalkaska Church of Christ

Masking the Struggle

There are many more questions out there than there are answers. And who do we listen to?A politician says one thing and a medical professional says another. Listen to ABC news and feel like this sickness may never end or listen to Fox news and feel like it’s back to business as usual.  We live in confusing times today. This pandemic has up-ended the world like never in our lifetimes. Unemployment has skyrocketed. The stock market is volatile with lower lows and higher highs.…