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A Royal Rescue

The Agitator

King Ahasuerus rewarded people for the wrong reasons. Mordecai used his belief system to resist allegiance. Haman revealed his character and pride in his resolve. King Ahasuerus remains impulsive and ignorant. We discover the importance of the book of Esther. Theological Lessons: God’s promise to Abraham was about to be in jeopardy. Satan was told he would bruise the heel of Eve’s offspring. God first, country second. Practical Lessons: Surround yourself with people of Godly character. Don’t let pride cause…
A Royal Rescue

A Star is Born

Esther 2 Sermon Big Idea:  God can use anybody in any situation to do His will.  But He would rather use a surrendered heart. The king ruined one life, now he is about to ruin many more. (v. 1-4) Mordecai rescued Esther and Esther will rescue Israel. (v. 5-11) A night with the king becomes a nightmare. (v. 12-14) The bright star shone brightly. (v. 15-18) A plot was revealed that will play a part in the larger plot. (v.…
A Royal Rescue


Esther 1 Sermon Big Idea:  Pride and ignorance are not lost on the rich and powerful Ahasuerus wanted to display his power (v. 1-4) Ahasuerus wanted to buy loyalty (v. 5-9) Ahasuerus wanted to feed his pride (v. 10-11) Ahasuerus wanted to order honor (v. 12-22) Journeying with Jesus starts with your own royal rescue.  And that means undoing the one thing that can be undone.


American Flag with cross image


This is the anniversary of 9/11, a horrific event in the history of our nation. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when the planes hit the towers. Events like this shake our emotions so violently that they carve a lasting memory in our minds. The emotional impact of the event is what makes the memory so vivid and long-lasting. As a Christian, there is another significant event, equally horrific, that I recall. And even though…

The kcc Farming Society

The KCC Farming Society:  “We plant ’em; God grows ’em”.By Andy Bratton, Senior Minister A guy came into my office before Alice Babcock’s funeral and told me that before Alice died she wanted to meet with him.  He went to the hospital to meet with her, and while he thought he was there for business, Alice looked at him in the eye and told him that she was concerned about his salvation.  She wanted to know if he and his…
Summer Interns - Kalkaska Church of Christ

Meet the Summer Interns

Jordan Harrison – Youth Ministry InternJordan grew up in the church where his father Micheal, was the minister and mother Karyn, was the worship minister. Jordan believed he was meant to join the military but God had chosen another path for him. He enrolled at Great Lakes Christian College in the spring of 2016. Jordan started taking his faith seriously after being stuck in a bus for nine hours with his GLCC professor and church elder, John Nugent. Following a lengthy…
Kalkaska Church of Christ collects items for Woods Families


The Kalkaska Community came together last week to assist the former residents of Kalkaska Woods Apartments in a big way. 16 families have been displaced due to an apartment fire. Donations were collected early in the week. Reminiscent of Moses telling the people to stop bringing their offerings to the sanctuary (Exodus 36:5,6), so many donations came in that the church had to ask people to stop giving!  The families were invited to shop freely Wednesday and Thursday for clothing, household…

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