Sermons by James Trumble

Sermons by James Trumble

Beginnings Sermon Series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

Hope in the Fall

Genesis 3:1-15 1. The seduction of sin is subtle. 2. The subtlety of sin is significant. 3. The significance of sin is serious. 4. The seriousness of sin lies in its strength. 5. The stronghold of sin is overcome by the Savior. The seriousness of sin leads to the salvation of the Savior.
Reframing Discipleship - This time it's personal

Reframing Discipleship — This Time it’s Personal

Big Idea: Discipleship is not just a program you sign up for at church. It is a life you sign over to walk in, and advance, the Kingdom of God.  Matthew 28:18-20 The call to discipleship is for all who believe. Luke 14:25-33 The cost of discipleship is all you have. Romans 6:20-23 The case for discipleship lies in all He has done! Practically speaking… Disciples seek to teach and be taught. Disciples hunger for knowledge and action. Disciples practice How COVID has affected us