Sermons on Christian Living

Sermons on Christian Living

Summer Sermon Series 2024 at Kalkaska Church of Christ

Life Speak

Sermon Series:  Summerize Sermon Title:  Life Speak Sermon Scripture: Joshua Speaker: Andy Bratton Big Idea:  The promised land on earth comes with its challenges.  We are called to clear out other gods that want to take up space in our heart and choose Jesus.  But, we have to make a choice. Deuteronomy 7:1-6,10 Joshua 1:2,5-7,9,18 What is the speech your life delivers? 1 Corinthians 3:2 Luke 6:45
Christmas in Focus series at Kalkaska Church of Christ 2023

The Major Meltdown

Exodus 32:1-6 32:7-10 32:11-14 32:15-20 32:30-35 When you look at your life from God’s perspective, what idols need to be melted so you can better journey with Him.
One Thing Sermon Series at Kalkaska Church of Christ in November 2023

Pre-Marital Counseling

Sermon Series:  One ThingSermon Title:  Pre-marital counselingSermon Scripture: Ephesians 4:1-16Sermon Big Idea: We are to grow up in Christ to full maturity as a couple must mature to prepare for marriage. 4:1-3 4:4-6 4:7-14 4:15-16 Revelation 21:2 There is no better marriage to prepare for than that of our soul with Christ.
Beyond Belief sermon series at Kalkaska Church Of Christ

The Mind of Christ

Sermon Series:  Beyond Belief Sermon Title:  The Mind of Christ Sermon Scripture: 1 Corinthians 2:1-16 Sermon Big Idea: The Mind of Christ is a way of thinking, that leads to a way of acting each and every day. It guides each and every thought, decision, and action.  1 Corinthians 2:1-16 To have the Mind of Christ is to match His… -passion. -heart. -love. -consistency. -mannerisms. Match Jesus in every way.
Beyond Belief sermon series at Kalkaska Church Of Christ

Beware of the Slorphesus!

Sermon Series:  Beyond BeliefSermon Title:  Beware of slorphesus!Sermon Scripture: Romans 12:1Sermon Big Idea: To understand God’s will we need to be in the right state of mind.  There are two states.  One is the world’s and the other is that of Jesus. So…
Outside In Sermon Series from the Kalkaska Church of Christ

A Big Hairy Audacious Family

Sermon Scripture: Acts 17:26Sermon Big Idea: The Bible doesn’t instruct us to look through national eyes but through the eyes of Christ.  And the eyes of Christ look with love. Why and How do we accomplish this? Let’s be a Big Hairy Audacious Family!
Eagle Eye Sermon Series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

To Be Sure!

Does a Christian have the assurance of salvation? John 10:1-6 John 10:7-9 John 10:10-16 John 10:17-18 John 10:22-30 But can you lose that security? John 15:1-2 – by being pruned. Hebrews 3:12 – by choosing to leave. How do we abide? John 15:7,9,10 – In His words, His love, His commands John 10:1-30
Apex sermon series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

Upside Down Happiness

Sermon Scripture: Matthew 5:11-12 Hebrews 11:35b-38 Matthew 5:11-12 Matthew 10:34-39 Swim upstream: John 16:33 If you have decided to follow Jesus, take heart when life brings trouble because we serve a God who has overcome the world.
Unleashed Sermon Series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

A Shipwreck of a Sermon

Sermon Scripture: Acts 27 Sermon Big Idea:  When we are in tune with God’s plan for our life, we faithfully stay the course, even when those around us are trying to alter it. Acts 27:21-26 Paul trusted God’s plan. Acts 27:33-37 Paul testified about God’s plan. Acts 27:41-44 Paul traveled God’s plan. Practically speaking… Seek God’s will Know where to look Know what to love Share God’s will Know how to share Know how to care Stay in God’s will How COVID has affected us