Let’s talk about forgiveness. It’s a powerful concept, but sometimes it feels impossible, right? We hold onto grudges, hurt, and anger, or we ourselves feel unable to be forgiven. We become shackled to emotions as a form of self-conviction. 

The Bible tells a different story. In John 19:30, Jesus says, “It is finished.”  Those three words hold immense power. Jesus, on the cross, took on the burden of all sin and suffering. That includes the pain caused by others, as well as the pain we inflict. 

By accepting Jesus’ sacrifice, we receive forgiveness. It’s not about pretending what happened didn’t matter. It’s about releasing the burden and choosing peace.

Forgiveness is freedom. Whether it is extending the olive branch to mend broken relationships or forgiving ourselves, we know it is possible because Christ has already made the sacrifice. 

Forgiveness is a journey, not a destination. But with God’s help, we can shed the heavy chains and experience true freedom.