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Manistee Church of Christ Ordains Elders

On July 23 we sent two of our elders (Rich Hodgman and Scott Kniss) to the Manistee Church of Christ to participate in the ordination of two of their elders (Jim Brand and Will Pegg).  Manistee has been led by these two men for the past few years. As they have taken on the role of preaching and teaching, they thought it appropriate to be placed in that office by their congregation.  Ron Scott, former director of NCCE and interim Senior Minister of How COVID has affected us

Manistee Church update

We (Mikie & I) are approaching the end of our first “quarter” of ministry in Manistee. The first three months have been slow but encouraging. The summer months up here are for tourism, reunions and working around the clock if your job has to do with tourism. The 9 “members” of the church that were here when we came are still with us. We have had one baptism, another one tomorrow night and another deciding. The people are cooperating. We How COVID has affected us