E-News Article

E-News Article

What Do You Love About Being a Follower of Jesus?

This morning I received a call from a “Connecting Agent” out of Grand Rapids.  Lisa and I are selling our house and planning to move across town. (No, we aren’t leaving KCC. You can’t get rid of me that easily)  Anyway, as I was talking with this guy he was asking me about our house and what was so great about it.  And so I started to tell him.  We have a great neighborhood and a great yard and we How COVID has affected us
Covid Vaccine

A Covid Rant

An exert from Andy Bratton’s Morning Dive on Friday, August 20, 2021 I need to vent. I hope that’s okay. All right. And not everybody’s gonna agree with my vent. But I need to vent and here’s my venting.  Please don’t challenge my faith in Jesus because I got a vaccination or I wear a mask. Don’t do it. There is nothing spiritual about COVID, vaccines and masks, nothing. I looked, I can’t find anything in the Bible about pandemics. I How COVID has affected us

The Cost of Discipleship

For two more Sundays we are going to look at the topic of Discipleship and what it means to be a disciple and why we should follow Jesus.  I think one of the biggest misnomers in our world is that a relationship with Jesus stops at the baptismal or as some would say, “when someone bends the knee.”  And it is challenging to address because we point everyone to “making a decision.”  In making a decision we instruct people they How COVID has affected us
Severe Storm Warning Article from Kalkaska Church of Christ

Emergency Warnings

Kalkaska had a HUGE storm last night. Actually, most of the state of Michigan had storms. I know this because it was starting to get bad out, so I turned on the TV and there were Thunderstorm warnings all over the ticker at the bottom of the TV screen. The warnings are there so that we all know it’s coming and so that we can prepare. If you were watching TV last night or on the internet or even looked How COVID has affected us
Summer Games and Faith

Summer Games and Faith

The Summer Olympic Games are happening in Toyko, Japan this week. Over 11,000 athletes from all over the world representing 206 countries are competing for their homeland and prestigious gold, silver, and bronze medals. Each athlete represents countless hours of practice, sacrifice, and dedication to their sport. They discipline themselves through diet and exercise in such a way to become one of the best in their game. The training is both physical and mental as they push their bodies to How COVID has affected us
KCC E-News

A Grand Reception

In the book of Philemon (only one chapter long), Paul is writing to this guy named, you guessed it, Philemon, and to a lady named Apphia and the church meeting in Philemon’s home.  I don’t know if Philemon and Apphia are married, but it doesn’t really matter for us. Paul shares that he remembers them fondly because of the love they have, the faith they have, and the fact that they are sharing their faith.  And his prayer is that How COVID has affected us
Friendship Palm

Friendship Palm

I’ve never had a green thumb…in fact, I might be a serial plant murderer. When I receive a plant as a gift I smile and cringe inside. I wonder how long the poor plant will make it before I neglect it. One year for Mother’s Day I got two plants for my front porch. I kept them alive all the way until August! That was my record until one rainy day in November of 2019, a friend from my Titus 2 women’s How COVID has affected us
Letter From God

A Letter From God

“You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everyone. You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.”  Those words were written by Paul in a letter to the believers at the Corinthian Church (2 Corinthians 3:2-3). We don’t write handwritten letters too much anymore, do we? It’s easier to write How COVID has affected us

Tough Questions in Genesis

At our most recent Root Beer Bar Bible Study, we read and studied Genesis chapter four. Challenging questions come up in chapter four, but there are also some firsts that come up in chapter four. The most challenging question is, “who does Cain marry?” The back story is that Cain kills his brother Abel in chapter four and God puts a curse on him that he will be a wanderer and a fugitive and that the ground (he was a How COVID has affected us
The Storms of Life

The Eye of the Storm

I have never liked storms. As a child, I would wake up during thunderstorms and go get into bed with my sister. I am trying to be more grown-up about storms, but I still don’t love them like some people. I know some people that REALLY like storms. My husband loves to go drive out to the water and watch a storm come through. But even lovers of storms, don’t love life storms. I don’t know anyone who likes storms How COVID has affected us