Michelangelo's Creation of Adam

Confusion Illusion

As I write this, a group of 30 or so youth are heading to Cincinnati to visit the Ark and the Creation Museum. My initial prayer was that each of the youth attending (and adults) would have an appreciation for who God is and an even more firm belief that He created everything. There is a lot of confusion in our world about who God is, and whether one being created everything. Not all schools are able to even teach the idea How COVID has affected us

Waking Up

by Tim Severance Associate Minister As I woke Sunday morning, my life played out in my mind. It was surreal. All the pivotal points in my lifetime came to mind. My choice of college. My marriage. Various jobs. Career choices. Every major turning point in my life materialized in my head.  What was strange about each turning point was that there was someone who simply asked me to move in that direction. I found this fascinating and frightening at the How COVID has affected us