Did He or Didn’t He?

by Andy Bratton, Senior Minister Last week the big story was about Judge Kavanaugh and whether or not he would be put before the Senate to be confirmed as our next Supreme Court Justice.  As you probably know the big question was whether or not an accuser’s story about him sexually assaulting her was true or not. I just spent several minutes on Facebook (I admit it) and saw several people make comments about the Judge and whether or not he…

A Necessary Removal

My wife bought a new Samsung smart phone recently. We set it up by transferring all her contacts and most of her apps from her old phone. However, when she started using it, we noticed that the volume didn’t seem to work. I checked the volume in settings thinking maybe there was a limit set on it or something, but everything seemed fine there. We turned the volume all the way up and all the way down, but it made…