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Posts by Sara Blasko

When Did You Get Broken?

When did you get broken? You may not be able to pinpoint a date, but over time we all lost that innocent confidence that comes with childhood. I recently decided to do a self-worth lesson for my 4th and 5th graders. I thought they could be at the brink of that brokenness. I had a lesson, an object lesson, a game, and a take-home gift to drive home the message. It was based on Psalm 139:13-14, “For you created my inmost being; How COVID has affected us

Happy Birthday Jesus

It’s almost my best friend’s birthday!!! I’m so excited to celebrate! Of course, I’m referring to my bestie Jesus! I like to look at Christmas as more of a birthday party for him so that I remember WHY we are celebrating. It can get a little too reindeer, green tree, shopping, lights, and movies for me.  Don’t get me wrong…I like all of those things too…I just don’t LOVE them. Not even close to how much I love Jesus! So How COVID has affected us
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God’s Timing

1 Peter 3: 8-9 says,  “ But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”   When people tell me that they are worried about their kids I tell them, “God loves your kids more How COVID has affected us
Paid in Full

Paid In Full

Have you ever been in over your head? Like completely and utterly overwhelmed? I know I have. Whether it be financially, with work projects, school, or home-life, I think we have all found ourselves in that situation a time or two.  And how have you felt when the pressure was taken off your plate? RELIEF! I know for myself, things like VBS can really add a lot of pressure. But when it starts and the kids show up, all of How COVID has affected us

The Fruit of the Spirit

It is the first week of our after-school programs! I am sooo excited! After a shortened year two years ago and last year, it is a relief to be meeting again. I would love your prayers for these kids. They have been through a lot. For some of the younger kids, they haven’t ever had a normal year.  This year we will be learning the Fruit of the Spirit. I am so glad that this is what we will be How COVID has affected us
Severe Storm Warning Article from Kalkaska Church of Christ

Emergency Warnings

Kalkaska had a HUGE storm last night. Actually, most of the state of Michigan had storms. I know this because it was starting to get bad out, so I turned on the TV and there were Thunderstorm warnings all over the ticker at the bottom of the TV screen. The warnings are there so that we all know it’s coming and so that we can prepare. If you were watching TV last night or on the internet or even looked How COVID has affected us
Friendship Palm

Friendship Palm

I’ve never had a green thumb…in fact, I might be a serial plant murderer. When I receive a plant as a gift I smile and cringe inside. I wonder how long the poor plant will make it before I neglect it. One year for Mother’s Day I got two plants for my front porch. I kept them alive all the way until August! That was my record until one rainy day in November of 2019, a friend from my Titus 2 women’s How COVID has affected us
The Storms of Life

The Eye of the Storm

I have never liked storms. As a child, I would wake up during thunderstorms and go get into bed with my sister. I am trying to be more grown-up about storms, but I still don’t love them like some people. I know some people that REALLY like storms. My husband loves to go drive out to the water and watch a storm come through. But even lovers of storms, don’t love life storms. I don’t know anyone who likes storms How COVID has affected us
E-News Article - Kalkaska Church of Christ

Technical Difficulties

Living in the information age certainly has it’s advantages! I can check the weather before I get out of bed, find out the news for the day and see that my friend from high schools’ daughter lost a tooth! I use technology so much that when it’s gone or limited I start to panic! Sunday at church we had a lesson about patience. I had found a really cute color page for the kids to do. It was on Google, How COVID has affected us

Advice for Graduates and Ourselves

I found a verse a few years ago while looking for a good “graduation verse”. It is still my favorite piece of advice to give a graduate. It’s found in Matthew 10:16.  It says, “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves.  Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent a doves.”  What great advice to give a child that you love as they go out into the big bad world. We want them to be wise and on guard, like How COVID has affected us