Covid Vaccine

A Covid Rant

An exert from Andy Bratton’s Morning Dive on Friday, August 20, 2021 I need to vent. I hope that’s okay. All right. And not everybody’s gonna agree with my vent. But I need to vent and here’s my venting.  Please don’t challenge my faith in Jesus because I got a vaccination or I wear a mask. Don’t do it. There is nothing spiritual about COVID, vaccines and masks, nothing. I looked, I can’t find anything in the Bible about pandemics. I How COVID has affected us
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Lessons Learned in 2020

Hope on the Horizon The year 2020 will forever be known for one thing – the pandemic of COVID-19. At the time of this writing, the Coronavirus has claimed over 300,000 American lives and over 1.64 million worldwide. While we are still in some of the deadliest days of the virus, there is hope on the horizon. The Pfizer vaccine has already been approved by the FDA and is rolling out worldwide. The Moderna vaccine is close to requesting emergency How COVID has affected us
KCC Covid-19 Update

COVID-15 Update

Friday, January 29, 2021 – Present – KCC is open on Sunday mornings for worship. All our children’s programming for kids 5th grade and younger is open at 10:30 am. Youth Group for Jr. High and High School is meeting Sunday evenings from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm in the lower level. Monday, December 14, 2020 – Our KCC Kidz area, preschool, toddlers, and nursery will be back open beginning, Sunday December 20, 2020. The lower level has been completely How COVID has affected us
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Lost In These Uncertain Times?

Do you ever feel lost? Do you ever feel undecided? Do things seem uncertain and the future unclear? You are not alone. This year has been unlike any other. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, forest fires out West, hurricanes in the South, and political uncertainty have made us all feel we have lost control with no idea when it will come back.  On top of all the events affecting our nation and the world, many are dealing with family issues, employment uncertainty, How COVID has affected us
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The Lesson of the Sneeches

By Tim Severance, Associate Minister The Sneeches The Dr. Seuss story, “The Sneeches” has been one of my favorite stories since childhood.  The Sneeches were fine left to themselves. They enjoyed daily life eating, working, playing with one another. Until one day, this chap named, Sylvester McMonkey McBean, showed up with a machine that could put stars on their bellies thus differentiating one Sneech from another. That’s when the problems began. Pride, jealousy, and envy crept in as some Sneeches had stars How COVID has affected us
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Masking the Struggle

There are many more questions out there than there are answers. And who do we listen to?A politician says one thing and a medical professional says another. Listen to ABC news and feel like this sickness may never end or listen to Fox news and feel like it’s back to business as usual.  We live in confusing times today. This pandemic has up-ended the world like never in our lifetimes. Unemployment has skyrocketed. The stock market is volatile with lower lows and higher highs. How COVID has affected us