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Best Apps for Christian Living

Every year I like to share my list of favorite apps to assist your Christian walk. Our Christian life is one of growth and these apps help you do that. You will find everything here from prayer, preaching, giving, and connecting with your home church. Enjoy.  PRAYER LIFE – ECHO  Type your prayer requests into Echo and keep track of when you pray and when the prayer is answered. Create custom reminders for all or individual requests. Share your prayer requests…

When You Don’t Feel Like Praying

By David Acker, Youth Minister Remember hide and seek? I loved that game. I was always so good at hiding. In fact, I still am. I hide very well. But now I can hide how I am doing very well. I can hide the times I don’t feel like praying. I am a pastor, so obviously, my prayers mean more and I pray more often then others (insert a loud “no way” here.) If I am being honest sometimes my…