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Interactive Article

Ok friends! This is an interactive article! You will need a stopwatch or timer of some sort and you will need some time to pray. I’ve done “guided prayers” a few times and they can be very powerful and I love how intentional they are. They are helpful when I’ve set aside an hour of prayer or when I’ve been asked to pray for an hour. (This won’t be an hour although if you would like to extend your times How COVID has affected us
Wishing' I was Fishin'

Blessing of the Trout Festival

Tonight, as in the past couple of years, I will be offering a prayer of blessing on the Trout Festival. I don’t exactly know what I am supposed to be blessing and maybe I should have asked, but what should I be praying over our community for these few festive days? Or, more broadly, what would or should my prayer and your prayer be for this community God has placed us in? Our prayers ought to always include that those who don’t How COVID has affected us
Tug of War E-news article

Tug of War

Are you a do-er? A person who jumps right in to solve a problem? While there are many times in the Bible that we are prompted to be men and women of action, there are plenty that say the opposite. So how do we determine when we should act and when we should be patient? Recently I was talking to someone about how I am a natural fixer. If there is a problem or some distress I feel compelled to How COVID has affected us
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Prayer Acronym for Today

It seems daily there is a steady stream of people requesting prayer, and for good reason, our world needs it! Your channels of prayer requests may include Facebook, prayer chains, emails, the Bible app, etc. Those requests each represent a life that is important to God. Be sure to pause whatever you are doing to pray for those you agree to pray for.  How is your prayer life overall? Do you have a set time each day when you stop How COVID has affected us
Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes

With the cold weather in the winter months, comes many challenges for us northern Michigan dwellers….icy roads, lack of sunshine, and freezing temperatures. One of the side effects of these freezing temperatures is frozen pipes. Pipes freeze when the temperature is too cold, and if you’ve ever had it happen to you, you know the signs.  You turn on your faucet expecting to see the water pour out as usual, and it starts to hesitate and then you get a How COVID has affected us
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Battling Satan’s Isolation Game

 I recently finished up a bible study that was one of the best ones I’ve done. It was called “Get out of your head” by Jennie Allen. It talks about how we can have a thought and it just spirals out of control and we are left feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and insignificant. The study was based in Philippians and followed the journey of Paul. It was a very insightful and timely study. There is so much stress in the world right How COVID has affected us
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Best Apps for Christian Living

Every year I like to share my list of favorite apps to assist your Christian walk. Our Christian life is one of growth and these apps help you do that. You will find everything here from prayer, preaching, giving, and connecting with your home church. Enjoy.  PRAYER LIFE – ECHO  Type your prayer requests into Echo and keep track of when you pray and when the prayer is answered. Create custom reminders for all or individual requests. Share your prayer requests How COVID has affected us

When You Don’t Feel Like Praying

By David Acker, Youth Minister Remember hide and seek? I loved that game. I was always so good at hiding. In fact, I still am. I hide very well. But now I can hide how I am doing very well. I can hide the times I don’t feel like praying. I am a pastor, so obviously, my prayers mean more and I pray more often then others (insert a loud “no way” here.) If I am being honest sometimes my How COVID has affected us