Tug of War

Tug of War

Are you a do-er? A person who jumps right in to solve a problem? While there are many times in the Bible that we are prompted to be men and women of action, there are plenty that say the opposite. So how do we determine when we should act and when we should be patient?

Recently I was talking to someone about how I am a natural fixer. If there is a problem or some distress I feel compelled to act immediately. Even if there is the slightest bit of discomfort I feel the need to immerse myself into the situation to make things more enjoyable for everyone. While sometimes this is good…I have seen that it is a bit of a character flaw. I’ve been trying to sit back more. To be still. To know that God is God…and I am NOT. 

I am guilty of putting more emphasis on James 2:14-26 and less emphasis on 2 Thessalonians 3:10. It is like a tug of war in my head. Sometimes, even though it’s well-intentioned, “help” can hinder someone else’s opportunity for growth. If we rush right in to fix everyone else’s problems, are we not robbing them of having to work through it with God themselves. Are we stealing God’s glory? Also, I think many of us can say that we were closest to God while we were working through some kind of struggle. Are we unintentionally robbing our friends of that close relationship with God? 

I’ve settled on knowing that I can always always always pray for someone. I can show God’s love to others. But I’m not God. And I can’t fix other people’s brokenness. Encourage those around you to enrich their relationship with God.