The Cost of Discipleship

For two more Sundays we are going to look at the topic of Discipleship and what it means to be a disciple and why we should follow Jesus.  I think one of the biggest misnomers in our world is that a relationship with Jesus stops at the baptismal or as some would say, “when someone bends the knee.”  And it is challenging to address because we point everyone to “making a decision.”  In making a decision we instruct people they How COVID has affected us
Ephesians 2:10

Do vs. Done or Done now Do?

A church I once belonged to was doing some training on how to evangelize.  And the material we were using used an illustration in trying to explain religion vs. Christianity.  The book described religion as something people do.  Most people think of religion as something you are supposed to be a part of and do in order to obtain salvation.  They referred to it as a works based faith.  Meaning, that you can’t get to Heaven without working to get How COVID has affected us
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Discipleship You Don’t Have to Travel For

On Sunday, November 8th we started a new series called, “A Divine Dining Experience.”  In this series, we are looking at four meals Jesus had with people and the teaching He gave during those meals.  The overriding theme of the series is that Discipleship starts at home and the challenge for the month was to have a sit-down meal every day with your family and ask three questions.  “What God sightings did you observe today?”  “If Jesus were here at How COVID has affected us