RightNow Media Launch

RightNow Media Launch

Sunday morning, February 21, 2021,  we are launching what some have called, the “Christian Netflix” of Biblical-based programming. We’ll be giving everyone associated with the Kalkaska Church of Christ access to a library of over 20,000 videos for Christians, families, students, parents, kids, small group leaders, and so much more. 

Look for an email to set up your access to RightNowMedia.com. It’s possible we don’t have your email on file. In that case you’ll want to reach out to us by emailing Rightnow@kccwired.com to request your access. 

RightNow Media includes content from some of the best authors, speakers, and pastors of our generation. You’ll find material from the likes of Francis Chan, Matt Chandler, Jennie Allen, Phil Vischer, Andy Stanley, and so many more. 

Content libraries include Biblical studies, youth, marriage, parenting, women, men, finance, and dozens more. There is even a special section just for kids chock full of videos like Veggie Tales, Buck Denver, Superbook, Bibleman, and so much more. 

Watch your RightNow Media on your Apple or Android phone, laptop or desktop, iPad or other tablet. Download RightNow Media to your Apple TV, Roku, Firestick, or Smart TV. 

RightNow Media Launches this Sunday at KCC

Again, look for your email invite to RightNow Media on Sunday, February 21. Set up your personal account and begin streaming Biblical content right away! If you don’t receive an email invite, let us know at Rightnow@kccwired.com by sending us your email so we can get you set up.

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