The Reminder of God’s Creativity and Design

By Andy Bratton, Senior Minister Ah, the changing colors of fall.  Such beautiful colors, especially when the sun is shining on the leaves after a small rain so the colors glisten.  There are tunnels of trees you can drive through and be surrounded by the colors.  There is a chairlift ride you can take for $5 to see the leaves.  I am looking outside my window at the church and can see all kinds of colors as I type this.  How COVID has affected us
Future location of Kalkaska Church of Christ

Here we go (again)!

As we begin a new phase in the life of KCC through modifying the building, I came across a blog that Joyce Tugan did a great job of putting together. It was entitled “Here We Go” and it detailed the progress of construction for the current building we now meet in. There are some great photos, videos, and details of what went into 1725 W. Kalkaska Rd! Check it out. http://herewego.kccwired.com

Putting Words in Sherry’s Mouth

As many of you have probably been made aware by now, our sister in Christ and friend, Sherry Johnson went to be with Jesus Tuesday morning at 9:07 AM.  I asked Sherry last week what message she wanted me to share at her funeral. She was very specific as to what to share and so I will wait until Saturday morning to share that message.  However, in regards to Sherry, I would like to share a short passage of Scripture How COVID has affected us

There’s No Place Like Home

By Sara Blasko, Children’s Ministry Director We’ve heard it in the Wizard of Oz, and we’ve no doubt experienced it ourselves, there is really truly no place like home. Growing up I would go through my school days eagerly anticipating running off the bus and into my mothers arms. It’s funny how much “home” means MOM. Mom is a comfort, a solace, a safe place. When I was sick, all my mom had to do was put her hand on How COVID has affected us

Water & the Spirit

Congratulations to Molly Stewart & her son Jack who were baptized last Tuesday, March 1st!  Molly & Jack were baptized by Andy Bratton. Please welcome them to the KCC family!  Pray for Molly & Jack as they strive to walk closer with Jesus Christ, their Lord & Savior.