Interactive Article

Interactive Article

Ok friends! This is an interactive article! You will need a stopwatch or timer of some sort and you will need some time to pray. I’ve done “guided prayers” a few times and they can be very powerful and I love how intentional they are. They are helpful when I’ve set aside an hour of prayer or when I’ve been asked to pray for an hour. (This won’t be an hour although if you would like to extend your times feel free!)

Our Elementary kids have a lot going on at the beginning of a new school year. They are most likely getting a new teacher, and may not know some of their classmates. Some of them are starting at a new school and don’t know anyone. Some of them have a comfortable and safe home life and some of them do not. Please set your timer and spend 2 minutes praying for every child that is starting elementary school this year. 

Awesome! Thank you! Did 2 minutes feel like a long time or did you go over? 

Now I want you to focus on those Elementary school teachers, administrators, bus drivers, and support staff. All of these adults show up every day to school with their own backstories. Pray that they are able to focus on their jobs and help them with the troubles they have in their lives. Pray that they are a positive influence on the children that they come in contact with. Start your timers for 2 minutes and go!

How was that? Easier? Are you getting the hang of it? 

Let’s spend some time in prayer for these kid’s parents. Some of them are more worried and anxious than their children. Some of them are overwhelmed with work things and other children. Some of them may be foster parents, many of them are grandparents raising their grandkids. Pray that God is with these parents and that they are able to greet their children at the end of the day and to be a safe space for them. Pray for wisdom for them to help their children navigate the tough things that will come up. You know the drill, spend 2 minutes in prayer now.

Now I’m going to be selfish. I’m going to ask for prayers for myself, my volunteers, the many coaches, and group leaders that these kids may come in contact with. Please pray for us to have the words that they need to hear. Pray that we can set good examples. Pray for the kids to be excited and passionate about Jesus. Pray for the character molding that is going on in this important time in their lives. Help us to be more like Jesus in teaching and coaching and less like the world. Please spend 2 minutes in prayer now. 

Thank you! I just spent 2 minutes in prayer for you! Yes YOU! The person reading this article. I prayed for you to be stronger in your faith, to be connected to other Christians. To dig into God’s word. For you to find a place to serve. For your health, for your family dynamics, and to rid your life of things that are holding you back from living a Christ-centered life. 

Friend! We just spent 10 minutes in prayer together! This guideline can easily be adjusted for Middle and High Schoolers, and home school families. I encourage you to keep going in your prayer journey!