Manistee Church update

Manistee Church update

We (Mikie & I) are approaching the end of our first “quarter” of ministry in Manistee.

The first three months have been slow but encouraging. The summer months up here are for tourism, reunions and working around the clock if your job has to do with tourism. The 9 “members” of the church that were here when we came are still with us. We have had one baptism, another one tomorrow night and another deciding. The people are cooperating.

We had a special event to invite friends to a couple of weeks ago: chili (made by Ron & Mikie) & hotdogs right after church. We had five guests that day, one came back the following week and one who was invited but did not come came the next week. One said she is coming back but manages a department store in Manistee and had to work the next week Sunday.

We are coming back in October with another same type event with the emphasis in inviting guests.

The idea of growing a church has been foreign to the people. They are starting to catch on. Even had some encouraging comments on what we are doing. I am starting a mid-week series on Acts tonight, emphasizing that the church is here to grow the kingdom. We have been meeting on Wednesday nights for prayer to do strictly for outreach and growth. Tonight we will meet in two segments: first for prayer and then for study.

Our greatest need is for families and for a worship leader and instrumentalists (piano will do for now).

We have two fine elders, Don Forbes & Jim Brand,  and another one, Will Pegg, will be ordained next week, to make for three elders. The new one was an elder at the Detour church in the Upper Peninsula. He will add a plus to the team of elders.

I have met with Andy Bratton once and will meet with him for lunch this coming Friday. It’s good having his encouragement and support.

Any questions or comments are encouraged.

Ron Scott