Listen or Ignore

Listen or Ignore

Sermon Scripture: Acts 21:1-22:21

Sermon Big Idea:  Warning signs come in different ways and we can choose to ignore them or adhere to them.  Regardless, there may be consequences.  God gave us warning signs.  How will we respond to them?

Warning signs can be…

  1. Physical – Romans 1:20,
  2. Verbal – Exodus 16:18-20
  3. Prophetic – Daniel 4:25
  4. From the Holy Spirit – Acts 21:4, 10-11

What really matters is our response.

Matthew 10:32-33 – Focus on the promise not the penalty

Acts 22:18-21 – Ignore the warning and focus on winning

James 1:2-3, Acts 9:15-16 – Run toward the prize not away from the pain

Turn your problems into passion – Acts 21:13

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