Sermons on God

Sermons on God

A Royal Rescue

The Agitator

King Ahasuerus rewarded people for the wrong reasons. Mordecai used his belief system to resist allegiance. Haman revealed his character and pride in his resolve. King Ahasuerus remains impulsive and ignorant. We discover the importance of the book of Esther. Theological Lessons: God’s promise to Abraham was about to be in jeopardy. Satan was told he would bruise the heel of Eve’s offspring. God first, country second. Practical Lessons: Surround yourself with people of Godly character. Don’t let pride cause…
Songs of Summer Sermon Series at Kalkaska Church of Christ


Psalm 46 God is still our proven help. (v. 1-3) God still sits on His throne. (v. 4-7) Be still and know that He is GOD! (v. 8-11) The world around you may feel like it is crumbling apart, but take hope in the proven power of our almighty God.


Judges 6-8 Big Idea:  Man’s Force is no match for the G Force of God. G Force caused Gideon anxiety about leading. G Force caused the Israelites to rethink who they follow. G Force caused 300 to destroy thousands. The G-Force of God’s faithfulness will distort our thinking and leave us amazed.