Sermons on Genesis

Sermons on Genesis

Hopeless Hopeful and THE Hope sermon series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

But, Wait!

Sermon Big Idea:  Just when all seems hopeless, God intervenes and reminds us of his promises. Genesis 12:1-3 (75) God gave Abraham hope of being a blessing. Genesis 13:14-16 God gave Abraham hope of a long family line. Genesis 15:1-6 God gave Abraham hope of having a protector. God gave Abraham hope that the line would come from he and Sarah. Genesis 17:4-5,21 (99) God gave Abraham hope in names. Genesis 18:14 God gave Abraham hope through a messenger. Hope How COVID has affected us
It's Time Sermon Series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

Directional Disaster

Sermon Big Idea:  Journeying with Jesus is making a name of Him.  Moving away from Jesus is making a name for ourselves. Genesis 3:24 Adam and Eve were removed from God’s blessing. Genesis 4:16 Cain moved from “the presence of the Lord.” Genesis 11:1-2,4 (NIV) The “people” set out to make a name for themselves. Genesis 13:11 Lot relied on his own wisdom and moved toward disaster. …helping people journey with Jesus means… Romans 5:1-2 By faith, we now have How COVID has affected us

The Black Sheep

God used Judah’s bad heart for good. (Gen. 37:26) God used an unrighteous act to transform Judah’s heart. (Gen. 38:26) Judah reveals his heart when he offers his life to save two. (Gen. 44:33-34) Judah’s reward is a blessing of all blessings. (Gen. 49:8-12) The black sheep of the family is a reminder that we all have sinned.  Don’t give up on him/her just like God didn’t give up on you.

Joy: Abraham

Genesis 12:1-3 Genesis 21:6-7 Genesis 22:1-14 Romans 8:28

Directionally Challenged

Why do we have different languages if we were created by one God? Man had one language and developed one layout for one location. God wanted man to follow His plan by filling the earth and fixing their eyes on Him. God used confusion to bring clarity to His plan. What can we learn from the story of the tower of Babel? If we use a Biblical worldview, we can explain why there are different languages. At times we have How COVID has affected us


Genesis 6-8 The beginning of the catastrophe was sin spiraling out of control. The peak of the catastrophe is that all of men’s hearts were evil all the time. The effect of the catastrophe is people questioning God’s love. The result of the catastrophe was that the world was saved by the washing of water. The spiritual and geological effect of the flood reflects the power of our eternal God IF you see the world through the lens of the How COVID has affected us

The Other Tree in Eden

Genesis 3 The course of corruption started with confusion. (v. 1-4) The core of corruption is man’s desire for power. (v. 5-6) The consequence of corruption is death. (v. 7-21) The conclusion of corruption is Jesus. (v. 22-24) The other tree in Eden became forbidden to save Adam and Eve and all mankind from an eternal life of corruption.
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