You chose him?

You chose him?

Sermon Series:  Summerize

Sermon Title:  You chose him?

Sermon Scripture: Genesis 11:27-32

Speaker: Andy Bratton

Big Idea:  God’s plan started with the calling of the right man at the right time for His purpose.

Why did God choose Abram? (Genesis 12:1-3)

  1. Abram was gracious (Genesis 13:5-9)
  2. Abram was a warrior (Genesis 14:10-12)
  3. Abram was hospitable (Genesis 18:1-8)


  1. Abram deceived (Genesis 12:11-13)
  2. Abram showed a lack of faith (Genesis 15:2-3; Genesis 20:1-2)
  3. Abram showed a lack of leadership (Genesis 16:1-2)

So why did God choose Abram for His plan?

Genesis 11:27-32

God chose Abram because he was Christ-like.