Sermons on Isaiah

Sermons on Isaiah

Place of Peace - Kalkaska Church of Christ Christmas Sermon Series

Promised Peace

Sermon Title:  Promised Peace Scripture:  Isaiah 9:1-7 Big Idea:  When Jesus came into the world, many things were exposed for what they were and what they could be.  Jesus is the place of peace because of the promise of his coming and the promises He makes. Peace exposes the darkness Peace exposes exceeding joy Peace exposes the yoke of slavery Peace exposes eternity True peace is when we see everything in a new Light, which comes with a new life.

From Birth to Life

The virgin birth further blinds those who already can’t see. Jesus’ life and ministry isn’t disputed, his identity is. Jesus’ death isn’t disputed, the effect is. The victory of the cross was the resurrection of the Christ.   Jesus’ resurrection is disputed, but the effect isn’t.