Testing 1.2….10?

Testing 1.2….10?

Sermon Series:  Stretch

Sermon Title:  Testing 1.2….10?

Sermon Scripture: Genesis 4:1-16

Big Idea:  Giving isn’t new.  It is a part of how we were designed.

Genesis 4:1

  1. God blesses us with life.

Genesis 4:2-5

  1. God created us to work and give.
  2. God differentiates between acceptable offerings and unacceptable offerings.

Genesis 4:6-11

  1. God knows the heart of the giver and instructs accordingly.

Genesis 4:12-16

  1. God disciplines even the giver.
  • Q: How much should I give?
  • Q: Where do I give?
  • Q: Do I have to give?
  • Q: Why don’t people give?
  • Q: What happens to my giving?