Sermons on Money

Sermons on Money

Stretch Sermon Series from the Kalkaska Church of Christ January 2024

Testing 1.2….10?

Sermon Series:  Stretch Sermon Title:  Testing 1.2….10? Sermon Scripture: Genesis 4:1-16 Big Idea:  Giving isn’t new.  It is a part of how we were designed. Genesis 4:1 Genesis 4:2-5 Genesis 4:6-11 Genesis 4:12-16
Stretch Sermon Series from the Kalkaska Church of Christ January 2024

Proper Stretching

Sermon Series:  Stretch Sermon Title:  Proper Stretching Sermon Scripture: Luke 12:13-34 Big Idea:  We don’t just set goals, we set proper goals.  Proper financial goals are in line with God’s plan. Luke 12:13-21 Luke 12:22-34 Fear of this world equates to bigger barns.  Fear of a Holy God equates to bigger hearts.
Stretch Sermon Series from the Kalkaska Church of Christ January 2024

Rubber Made

Big Idea:  If you want your money to stretch farther, stretch your mind to understand it belongs to God, not man. What do I do with money? (Give it, save it, spend it) What shouldn’t I do with money? (Don’t make it a god, don’t love it) Verses about money: Proverbs 13:11,Proverbs 10:4,Deuteronomy 28:12,2 Thessalonians 3:10,Malachi 3:10,Matthew 19:21,Proverbs 22:7,Romans 13:8,Malachi 3:10,Matthew 6:21,Ecclesiastes 5:10,2 Corinthians 9:6-7 Colossians 3:1 If we fail to look up, we will miss the direction God is How COVID has affected us
Apex sermon series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

Serving Two Masters

Key Verses: Matthew 6:19:-24 Luke: 13-21 I Timothy 6:18-19 Luke 18:18-29 Luke 14: 26-27 Luke 9: 57-62 1. Beware of ________ treasure you store up 2. Beware of _________ you store your treasure The ______of earthly treasure can ________ us from heaven Our root problem is that we have _____ ________ minds Final Challenge: Don’t just choose God _______; choose God _________
7 Questions Sermon Series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

How Have We Robbed You?

Malachi 3:8-12 Big Idea:  Robbing God is stunting growth The Israelite’s giving responsibility was multiple tithes. A tenth was God’s – Leviticus 27:30 The tenth was given to Levites – Numbers 18:21-24 A tenth for the festival tithe – Deuteronomy 14:22-23 A tenth every third year for those in need – Deuteronomy 14:28-29 The tithe was to show love for God and love to others. The tithe, like all of God’s laws, were met with His blessing. The Heavens open How COVID has affected us
Life Hacks from James

A Revolving Gospel

Intro:  2.3 billion square feet of storage rental space.  A $38 billion business. Grows 7.7% annually since 2012.  What it represents is our inability to get rid of stuff and stuff out of circulation. Hoarded riches are God’s blessings out of commission. (v. 1-3) When stuff sits long enough it collects dust. Matthew 6:19-21 What is your heart toward stuff? Hoarded riches lead to oppression and paranoia. (v. 4) What is fair?  Matthew 20 We like to keep people in How COVID has affected us
Kalkaska Church of Christ - The Great Distraction Sermon Series

The Green Monster

Acknowledge that it all belongs to God – Psalm 89:11; 24:1 Believe this world is not our home – Hebrews 13:14 Control money before it controls you – Proverbs 22:7; Luke 14:28 Distribute it God’s way Storehouse – Malachi 3:10 Seek a cause – 1 Corinthians 16:2 Save – Proverbs 13:11 Spend – Proverbs 22:7; 21:20 Genesis 4:1-7; Hebrews 11:1-4 Managing money is all about faith and fear.  Do I trust and respect God enough to turn it all over How COVID has affected us

The Sermon You Don’t Want to Hear

Don’t be a fool Luke 12:13-21 A fool… Doesn’t guard against covetousness (v. 15a) Bases his/her value on how much he/she has (v. 15b) Lays up treasure for himself/herself (v. 21) How to avoid being a fool… Purpose (Matthew 6:18-21) Perspective (Matthew 25:14,21) Plan (Luke 14:28) If we “seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness,” he will meet our needs and we will be who God uses to meet others needs. (Acts 2:45)  

Buck’s Story

Three testimonies from 2017 of how God worked in people’s lives. Mary Ellen – God’s Comfort through loss of a loved one Buck Miller – Learning you can’t outgive God! Jet Bittenbender – His road to accepting Christ as Lord and Savior
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