God’s Way

God’s Way

Romans 9:1-10:4

Introduction:  Paul wishes he could save the Israelites 1-4a

  1. God’s way is to give. 4b-5
    1. Revealed his glory
    2. Made covenants
    3. Gave them the law
    4. Gave them the privilege of worshiping Him
    5. Gave them his wonderful promises
  2. God’s way is to choose us NOT for our good or bad works. 6-13
    1. He chose Abraham
    2. He chose Isaac
    3. He chose Jacob
    4. For his purposes
  3. God’s way is to show mercy. 14-29
    1. We can’t work for it
    2. We may think it unfair
    3. He called the Gentiles
  4. God’s way is for us to TRUST Him. 30-33
    1. Trying to keep the law is a lack of trust in God
    2. Trusting Him never brings disgrace

Let’s want the best for our community.  A relationship with God through Jesus Christ!

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