Sermon Scripture:  Romans 7:1-8:11

  1. When we died to Christ, we died to the law. (v. 7:1-6)
    1. Like marriage (Mark 10:1-12)
    2. Re-marry (1 Timothy 5:14)
    3. Surrendering to Jesus is putting the old self to death and uniting with Him.
  2. Until we died to the law, sin used the law. (v. 7:7-13)
    1. You can’t keep them so just live life
    2. You can keep them so work, work, work until judgment
  3. The law isn’t to blame, I am. (v. 7:14-25)
    1. We want to be God. (Genesis 3)
    2. Why those 10 commandments? (Exodus 20)
  4. God did what the law couldn’t do. (v. 8:1-11)
    1. The gift from God is God Himself. (John 16:13-14)
    2. Who will we listen to?

Thanks be to God that the Holy Spirit is living inside of us and we can rely on Him for direction and not our own understanding.