In the King’s (not so secret) service

In the King’s (not so secret) service

Romans 11:1-12:8

  1. Israel served as God’s people. (11:1-10)
    1. All the world blessed through Abraham. (Genesis 12:1-3)
    2. From David will come the Messiah. (Isaiah 9:6-7)
    3. Jesus is born to Mary and Joseph from the tribe of Judah. (Luke 2:4-7)
  2. Gentiles served as God’s message to Israel. (11:11-24)
    1. God don’t make junk! (Acts 10:34)
    2. Parable of the laborers (Matthew 20:1-16)
    3. Gentiles, don’t get the big head
  3. Mercy served as God’s reasoning. (11:25-36)
    1. All disobey so God’s mercy will be shown
    2. For God so loved…
  4. The church serves as God’s body. (12:1-8)
    1. We are one body
    2. We all serve different functions