Church News (Page 26)

Church News (Page 26)

News from the KCC family.

Three New Classes Launch this Sunday

We’re super excited to offer three new Faith Training Classes beginning this Sunday, April 23, 2017 at KCC! Our goal with this class is to strengthen and help hurting marriages. However, we also believe this class will help prepare young singles and couples for marriage in the future. Additionally, we’ll be looking at how God fits into all of this. The “I” in Marriage meets every week in the Worship Center with Andy and Lisa Bratton.   The Bible is How COVID has affected us

Dan Johnson shares in Christian Standard

In an article by Shawn McMullen  about smaller churches for the Christian Standard, he writes: KALKASKA CHURCH OF CHRIST Kalkaska, Michigan Thirty years ago God called Dan Johnson and his family to the ministry of the Church of Christ in Kalkaska, a small community in northern Michigan. When Dan arrived, the church was small and stable but not thriving. The previous senior minister, who had served faithfully for nearly two decades, had resigned nearly a year before. The congregation was How COVID has affected us

The Bible: Rated R for Strong Adult Content 

 More and more people are picking a Bible plan and joining the social media timeline on the Youversion Bible app. After creating a free account, you can “friend request” other people and connect your activities with theirs. Share highlights, notes, Bible plans, verse images, and more all within the app. Those of you who grew up going to Sunday school as a childhave heard many of the amazing accounts from the Bible – stories of Adam & Eve, Noah, David, and Jonah. How COVID has affected us

Elders Ordained

The Kalkaska Church of Christ approved and ordained two new men as Elders of the church. Kevin Davis and Andy Bratton were both voted into the Eldership by the congregation for 3-year terms. Kevin Davis has been a member of KCC for 12 years; Andy Bratton serves the congregation as lead minister. This brings the total number of Elders to eight. Current Elders serving at KCC are: Dean Farrier Dave Israel Dr. Richard Hodgman Darin Cummings Mike Babcock Tim Severance Kevin Davis How COVID has affected us


by Sara Blasko, Children’s Minister I do not love winter in Northern Michigan. I blame my parents…as missionaries in Haiti while I was growing up, I got to miss out on most of the Northern Michigan winters, and spent most of my winters in the sun. I know a lot of people struggle with depression in the winter simply because of the lack of sun. This year, has been extremely tough on me. We moved to Kalkaska from Traverse City, How COVID has affected us

Made Fresh Every Morning

by Tim Severance Every morning I like to begin the day with a pot of freshly brewed Starbucks coffee. We buy the whole beans by the bag at Sams Club and grind them ourselves – a habit taught me by a special someone 16 years ago when we first wed. Call me a coffee snob, but nothing compares to the freshly ground smell and taste of grinding your own Starbucks! That steaming, caffeinated, tasty beverage is just what I need to clear How COVID has affected us

A Necessary Removal

My wife bought a new Samsung smart phone recently. We set it up by transferring all her contacts and most of her apps from her old phone. However, when she started using it, we noticed that the volume didn’t seem to work. I checked the volume in settings thinking maybe there was a limit set on it or something, but everything seemed fine there. We turned the volume all the way up and all the way down, but it made How COVID has affected us
2:14 Service Projects

KCC Reaches out with 2:14 Program

Sunday at exactly 2:14 pm Senior Minister, Andy Bratton led a prayer prior to mobilizing over 20 volunteers into the community for the first month of the new 2:14 program The name “2:14” comes from James 2:14 “What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them? “The concept with 2:14 is to encourage our members to get involved in structured service projects in our surrounding community, How COVID has affected us

Waking Up

by Tim Severance Associate Minister As I woke Sunday morning, my life played out in my mind. It was surreal. All the pivotal points in my lifetime came to mind. My choice of college. My marriage. Various jobs. Career choices. Every major turning point in my life materialized in my head.  What was strange about each turning point was that there was someone who simply asked me to move in that direction. I found this fascinating and frightening at the How COVID has affected us

Thank you from Cummings!

Dear Kalkaska Church of Christ Family ~ To the place that has blessed me & molded me into the man I am today, and now the place that God has used to bless my wife & I on our mission trip to the Dominican Republic….THANK YOU!  I was absolutely taken back by the amount raised by the fellow believers in this Church family! We are fully funded and can’t wait to see what God has for us in the Dominican! How COVID has affected us