Edgy Sermon Series

Edgy Sermon Series

Sunday, February 28th, KCC launched a new sermon series entitled “Making a Murder.” The title is a play off the very popular Netflix drama “Making a Murderer.” Jesus dying on the cross is not often thought of as a murder. A sacrifice. A death. But not a murder. Yet it was.

The sermon series will explore the motive, plot, setting of the murder. As well as the suspects, the weapons, and the conclusion of the event.

If you visit KCC during this series, you’ll find in the lobby a murder scene complete with a cross, spear, and hammer. On a table are displayed in crime evidence bags, the pieces of evidence that would have likely been found around the murder scene. Finally, as you enter the Worship Center, you’ll have to pass through jail cell bars before you find your seat.

We hope you can come during this series leading up to Easter Sunday!