Revving up the Engine

Revving up the Engine

Song of Solomon 1

Sermon Big Idea:  True love starts in the courting process.  The temptation for sex should be strong because our love is strong.  When we wait it makes the goal that much sweeter.

  1. Love songs have memorable words. Complimentary words
    1. Words of familiarity
    2. Heartfelt words
      1. Matthew 12:34
  2. Love songs have a synchronized harmony.
    1. Confidence in who God gave you
      1. Genesis 2:23
    2. Being together
      1. Ecclesiastes 4:12
  3. Love songs paint a moving picture.
    1. Pictures of honesty
    2. Pictures of desire
    3. Pictures of togetherness

To begin your love story, find the one you want to compliment, you want to be with, and whose story you want to be a part of.

To continue your love story, keep complimenting, continue on together, and keep painting, the picture isn’t finished yet.