Ode to My Coworkers

Ode to My Coworkers

Andy is our fearless leader…
but his wife Lisa, you have to meet her,
together they make a hospitable team
helping guide us toward heaven…what a dream! 

The Severi Family is pretty special
they allow Christ to use them as a vessel
Tim knows everything technology,
and Anita must have a minor in psychology! 

Ephraim and Molly are the new kids on the block
they have the keys to teenagers unlock
Miss Freya is as sweet as can be
We are thankful they are part of KCC
Darrell can sing it all 
from praise to blues, no order is too tall
together with Ashley they are raising their girls right
Charlotte and T-brex have a future that’s bright.  

Dick is the man who gets us our checks on time.
He always has a joke…some worth a dime.
Nancy is always keeping Dick in line
I think her job is as hard as mine! 

And then there is me with my hubby Nick
we hope the boys are just a little homesick
I love working for Jesus and with Children
thankful for coworkers that are just like kin.