Youth Sunday

Youth Sunday

Youth Sunday at Kalkaska Church of Christ 2022

The school year has started and fall is here; the end of October is rapidly approaching and we all know what that means…Halloween! Whether you cringe and hide in your basement, or deck your halls with decorations and lights as if it were Christmas time, it’s undeniable that Halloween is a big deal in our culture!

I could talk about carving jack-o’-lanterns and how the Holy Spirit is like the candle inside. We are dark and dreary without Him, and when He comes into our life, He lights it up for all to see the beauty within. I could talk about the passing out of candy and how, as Christians, we should be generous in giving to others who “come to our door” in need. I could even talk about werewolves and how all of us have a sinful nature inside that is fighting to be released.

Instead, I really want to discuss our upcoming annual Youth Sunday! Every year, on the last Sunday of October, our youth lead our morning services. It has been awesome seeing the youth preparing to use their talents to lead this year! From our youth band to our youth speakers, it is going to be a brilliant sight to see. You won’t want to miss this year’s Youth Sunday on October 30th. We are shaking things up and doing it a little differently than previous years. Through all this preparation, I’m reminded of 1 Corinthians where Paul is talking about how the Church is like the human body. We all have different talents and abilities, and we all have a specific role to play within the church. When we use our talents for good, God receives the worship He deserves, and people hear the good news about Jesus and are saved.

I have always been a fan of youth participating in services because they ARE the church, and they have gifts that can be used for God. So, I encourage you all as fellow brothers and sisters, to encourage our youth and children to use what God has given them, to proclaim the message of Jesus. 

Whether it’s singing, acting, or preaching this Youth Sunday, or simply passing out candy on Halloween, we all need to praise God and tell others about the love of Jesus! Use what we have to spread the gospel.