Technical Difficulties

Technical Difficulties

Living in the information age certainly has it’s advantages! I can check the weather before I get out of bed, find out the news for the day and see that my friend from high schools’ daughter lost a tooth! I use technology so much that when it’s gone or limited I start to panic!

Sunday at church we had a lesson about patience. I had found a really cute color page for the kids to do. It was on Google, so it was free and I just decided I would wait to print it off until Sunday. But Sunday the internet was having some trouble at church. I started to panic. The kids wouldn’t be able to be checked in electronically, and the worship songs that I have in a YouTube playlist couldn’t be accessed. I started to panic and then I stopped. I prayed. And then I laughed. 

I don’t NEED these things to have a successful Sunday morning. They are useful tools, but not a necessity. We did our lesson. We read the verse from the Bible, we prayed together, and then we went outside to enjoy a beautiful sunny day that God had gifted us! When it came time for the kids to be picked up, I chuckled at my panic about the electronic system being down. I greeted the parents by name and said goodbye to the kids. I know these people. I don’t need a system to tell me who the kids belong to because I know them. (Granted, I am grateful that we normally have this system in place for visitors and busy Sundays and for safety.) 

I guess what I’m trying to say is to take a deep breath. Be grateful for the gifts that you get throughout “trials” I think you’ll find that if you rely on God, you will have everything that you need. And when in doubt, open your bible and look for guidance.