How Great is Our God?

How Great is Our God?

Monday we started on the roofing project for Manistee Church of Christ.  I was told by the recon team (Jeff Badgero) that we were going to have to strip the old shingles off.  The job then became bigger in my head.  He suggested we have a plan to start stripping shingles so that we could re-shingle on Saturday.  The project became overwhelming in my head.  I had quite a few people tell me they couldn’t get on the roof due to health issues.  The project became impossible in my head.  So I prayed.  I prayed and asked God to bring people on Monday night and Wednesday night to help get this thing going because, quite frankly, I need it off my plate.  And guess what?

Roofing the church building in Manistee, MI

God showed up when Jeff Badgero started taking the reigns on a project that was way over my head.

God showed up by way of a conversation with two of our parishioners on the way to Manistee.  They were sharing with me about their marriage and how great things are going.  They shared with me about their desire to serve more and that when he asked her about going Monday night she said she wanted to go too.  They told me a story of how he was using his boat to go fishing with veterans in order to use the stuff God blessed him with to help others.  This preacher needed to hear those things.

God showed up in another parishioner we picked up along the way.  We were going to serve a church where his brother, just a few years earlier, was baptized and he didn’t think that would ever happen.  He was able to serve the church that served his family.  His brother went to be with Jesus and he was comforted knowing God used someone to reach him for Christ.

God showed up on Sunday after second service, when a lady approached me and told me she and her husband would both be coming and that they would bring shingle shovels.  That was a hint they knew something about what they were doing.  When I arrived to Manistee this couple was on the roof and Chad, the husband, was moving around like Spiderman on the roof.  They had owned a roofing company for some 20 years and it showed!  We had half of that roof stripped and covered in two and a half hours.  Much to the credit of Chad and Kara.

God showed up when John, one of the aforementioned parishioners, went up to the roof, looked at Chad and they immediately recognized each other from high school.  How cool was that?  God showed up when Chad said to me, “hey, I saw you earlier today.”  I said, “you did?”  He said, “yes, I was at the funeral you did for Mike Hill.  He and I did business together for 30 years.”

God showed up in the broken voice of one of the Manistee elders when we were saying good bye for the night and he gave me a hearty handshake and a “thank you.”

Guys, it gives greater meaning to the message given to Mary in Luke one that with God nothing is impossible.  Or in Matthew 19 when the disciples were asking Jesus about salvation and Jesus told them with man it’s impossible but with God all things are possible.  I get overwhelmed and anxious more so lately than ever when I sign us up for projects.  When they are honoring to Jesus, He provides the people and the resources necessary.

The next time you feel the urge or wrestling in your heart about joining us for a service project or plugging in to a volunteer position, it’s probably because your preacher is praying for people to step in and help.  So, you are welcome!  Join the fun.  Part of the reward is in watching God show up here on earth.  And the other part will be when we get to hear him say, “Well done.”