Todd & Ann Ziems share at KCC

Todd & Ann Ziems share at KCC

What a refreshing time sharing with Todd & Ann Ziems this past Sunday. The Ziems started Son-International in January 2003 with a heart to share the love of Jesus and provide clean, drinking water for people in Tanzania, Africa. If you missed hearing about their mission work in Tanzania, you can see their talk online either on our website or on our YouTube Channel.

Todd & Ann Ziems visiting Kalkaska Church of Christ on September 2019
Todd & Ann Ziems visit KCC

The KCC Missions Committee hosted a potluck lunch for the Ziems after worship on Sunday. They were able to get to know Todd and Ann better, ask questions, and hear even more stories of their exciting life-giving work in Africa.

Ann shared that in December of 2018, one of their long-time supporters sent them a letter informing them they could no longer support Son-International and Ziems. Todd & Ann were understandably disappointed, but looked to God saying, “You’ve got this.” They didn’t know how they would make up for the lost support, but

It was only a week later that same month, that KCC contacted them to inform them we would begin supporting them in January of 2019! God’s timing was perfect and we’re happy to be part of that.

Michelle Price commented about the Ziems, “I just loved so much that they focused so much on the people and the not the poverty!!! I love that they are equipping people to go out and make a living. And the ministries that have started (especially the puberty one). Their whole ministry goes so far beyond bio-sand filters!!!”

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The Kalkaska Church of Christ supports Son-International with financial support each month. Visit kccwired.com for a list of all missions we support.