The Bible: Rated R for Strong Adult Content 

The Bible: Rated R for Strong Adult Content 

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The Brick Bible – Not for children!

Those of you who grew up going to Sunday school as a childhave heard many of the amazing accounts from the Bible – stories of Adam & Eve, Noah, David, and Jonah. What you probably didn’t realize as a child is that those stories were censored to some degree for little ears to hear. 

For example, we heard how God told Noah to build a big boat, collect 2 of every animal, and then cruise high on the water while it rained for 40 days and 40 nights and then there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky.

The Story of Noah?

We probably didn’t hear about the criticism Noah endured for 100 years nor about the millions of people slowly drowning as the waters rose. We probably also didn’t hear about Noah getting drunk after exiting the ark nor the untold act Ham did to his father while he was passed out!

So, a word of warning for new Bible readers…it’s unfiltered and director’s cut material! Teens take pride in saying “I can handle that” when faced with adult material. If you are new to reading the Bible, you may be surprised and even shocked when you see what it contains.

What some examples?

  • Strong sexual content: Genesis 34
  • Graphic violence: 1 Samuel 17
  • Genocide: Genesis 19; Matthew 2; Exodus 1-2
  • Drinking:: Genesis 9
  • Divination & witchcraft: 1 Samuel 28
Graphic Violence for Mankind

As you read the Bible, you will encounter stories that make you scratch your head, stories that will make you blush, and stories that will enrage you. You will read about people who fail, sin, and flat out mess up their lives.

Why didn’t God clean up the Bible before He gave it to us? Because God tells it like it is. “In this world you will have trouble” is not a footnote but a promise. If the Bible were honestly made into a movie including the details given, it would have to be rated R. God isn’t blind to man’s sinfulness. And it’s not something new. Sin has plagued man since the Garden of Eden. God is well aware man sins and that he is in need of a Savior.

What does this say to us today? No matter your sin, no matter your mistakes, no matter what evil you have experienced, God can handle it. God is grown up enough to take your sin, forgive it, and make you new. After David’s sin with Bathsheba, he wrote, “wash me and make me white as snow.

So, it’s good that children hear Bible stores in Sunday school. But the Bible is chock full of stories for adults dealing with adult issues, adult situations, and adult solutions. Read it again as an adult. Witness His-story as you never have before!