Elders Ordained

Elders Ordained

Dean Farrier prays while the current Eldership lay hands on Kevin Davis and Andy Bratton ordaining them to the board.

The Kalkaska Church of Christ approved and ordained two new men as Elders of the church. Kevin Davis and Andy Bratton were both voted into the Eldership by the congregation for 3-year terms. Kevin Davis has been a member of KCC for 12 years; Andy Bratton serves the congregation as lead minister. This brings the total number of Elders to eight. Current Elders serving at KCC are:

  • Dean Farrier
  • Dave Israel
  • Dr. Richard Hodgman
  • Darin Cummings
  • Mike Babcock
  • Tim Severance
  • Kevin Davis
  • Andy Bratton

According to scripture the Elders, sometimes called Bishops, Overseers, Shepherds, or Pastors, watch over the local “flock of God” in spiritual manners. They are called to teach and protect the church from false teachers and internal eruptions (Acts 20:28; 1 Peter 5:2; 1 Timothy 5:17).

Qualifications for an Elder are listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9; and 1 peter 1:4.