'kids' Tagged Posts

'kids' Tagged Posts

God Sighting

It’s VBS week! My favorite week of the year! Sara and her amazing team have spent nearly a year praying, planning, preparing, and praying some more – all to reach the children of our community in a real and impactful way. Each year the kids learn about “God Sightings” (those little moments in life where you can see His light shine through), and worship this morning was mine.  I have the pleasure of being a “fly on the wall” in How COVID has affected us

A Christmas Story Quiz

In October, we shot a Christmas video with children from our Wednesday After School Program (WASP). These are kids in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. We’ll premiere the video at our church’s Christmas Eve program this month. We sat the children down and asked them questions about the Christmas story. Overall, they did quite well recalling the story of the Nativity. However, some of their answers raised an eyebrow.  Here is a quiz on the Christmas story based on some of the children’s How COVID has affected us