1. The wise men’s hearts were overshadowed by worship.
    1. Are they magi? (Daniel 1:20, 2:5, 2:24)
    2. Are they wise men? (1 Kings 10:7,9-10)
    3. Are they kings? (Isaiah 39:6, 60:10)
  2. Herod’s heart was overshadowed by worry and fear.
    1. King of the Jews?
    2. Builder and baby killer? (Matthew 2:16)
  3. The Priests and Scribes’ hearts were overshadowed by confusion. (Matthew 2:5-6)
    1. If they knew about Jesus why didn’t they worship Him?
    2. Why information without action?

Do you seek Him as a magi, wise man, or king?Make being overshadowed by Jesus a lifelong journey.