In The Right Shadow

In The Right Shadow

Luke 1:26-38, 45

Sermon Big Idea:  The power of the Most High overshadows our fears 

  1. Mary was greatly troubled, afraid, confused, but obedient.
  2. The power of the most high can overshadow our doubts, fears, and confusion.
  3. The power of the most high overshadows and then sends.
  4. When what we do is from the power of the Holy Spirit, it is holy.

1 Kings 19

  1. God wants to hear from us what we perceive is wrong.
  2. God reveals Himself to us.
  3. And then He asks again, what is wrong?
  4. God gives instructions.

Jesus is ready to hear from us, respond to us, and send us.  Let’s overshadow the world with Christ this Christmas!

Luke 1:45