A Divine Invitation – Breakfast on the Beach

A Divine Invitation – Breakfast on the Beach

Sermon Scripture:  Luke 21; Acts 2

Sermon Big Idea:  Peter, the fisherman, is called to fish for men. He shares his testimony of Jesus while frying fish on an open fire. 

  1. Why did Jesus say 2 swords were enough?
  2. Do you think Peter’s denial of Christ was prompted by fear or confusion?
  3. What is your comfort zone or security blanket that may be hindering you from serving Christ fully?
  4. Was 153 the largest catch Peter and the Apostles were involved with? (Hint: See Acts 2:14-41)
  5. Did the early church enjoy religious freedom?
  6. Was Jesus’ plan to take over the world by force? Or to win each heart and soul with love?