The Fearful Seafarers

The Fearful Seafarers

Today’s Scripture:  Mark 4, Jonah 1, Joshua 24

Big Idea:  Fear God. He holds everything else we are afraid of in his hands.

  1. A cultivated heart is ready to receive God’s Word and increase in faith.
  2. A hidden faith is extinguished.  A faith displayed will increase in impact.
  3. In a healthy environment, faith grows.
    1. Luke 17 – The kingdom of God is within you
  4. Faith may start small, but when properly placed, it grows to great significance.
  5. When we have confidence in what Jesus can do, faith overcomes fear.

Jesus calms the storm

  • With growth, we don’t fear death – 1 Cor. 15:54-55
  • With growth, we don’t fear a lack of provision – Matthew 6:26
  • With growth, we don’t fear the loss of loved ones – 
  • With growth, we identify who controls the storms – Mark 4
  • With growth, we know whom to fear and what NOT to fear – Jonah 1:15-16,

Joshua 24:14-15

The answer to fear and anxiety is growing in our relationship with God. There isn’t room for fear if we use all we are to follow Him

A Higher Love