How have we Despised Your Name?

How have we Despised Your Name?

Sermon Scripture:  Malachi 1:6-2:9

  1. The first offering in the Bible was rejected. (Genesis 4:1-5)
    1. Cain’s was rejected
    2. Abel’s was accepted
    3. What was the difference?
  2. The third offering was a pleasing aroma. (Genesis 8:20-21)
    1. Noah and his sons
  3. The fourth offering was to the wrong god. (Genesis 11:4)
    1. The tower of Babel was honoring man
  4. The offering God desires is…
    1. Given with honor (Malachi 1:6a)
    2. Given in fear (Malachi 1:6b)
    3. Given from the best (Malachi 1:7-14)
    4. Led by example (Malachi 2:1-9)

How does the aroma smell that lifts from your life to God’s presence? – Philippians 4:18