Forced Preparation

Forced Preparation

Job 33-37

Big Idea:  The pain Job is suffering and that you and I suffer is to purify our life, not punish our life.

Why is this happening?
Options we consider:

  • God’s wrath
  • Satan’s temptation
  • God’s testing
  • Our fallen world

Who is this 4th friend?
Should we lump Elihu in with Job’s friends?

  • God didn’t reprimand him
  • Job didn’t respond to him
  • What he says seems to be on point
  1. God will take drastic measures to get our attention. (33:14-26)
  2. As good of people as we may think we are, we still sin.  (34:5-10)
  3. The core of our battle against sin is pride. (35:10-12)
  4. If we listen and serve Him, our pain strengthens us. (36:5-11)

At all times, remember the wondrous works of God. (37:14-24)

  • Regardless of why this is happening, we need to find a way to seek God during it, so that we might journey with Jesus and become like Him.
  • What will really be a shame is if we are at the same place when this is done as when we started it.