A Rejected King

A Rejected King

Sermon Scripture:  1 Samuel 16

Sermon Big Idea:  Rejection is a heart condition. Will we believe in our hearts how Jesus came into the world and what He came to do?

  1. Israel rejected God as King because they didn’t like what they could see. (1 Samuel 8:1-7)
  2. God rejected Saul as King because of what Saul wouldn’t see. (1 Samuel 13:13-14; 15:11,22,27-29)
  3. God rejected David’s brothers as King so that Israel may see. (1 Samuel 16:6-7)
  4. The world rejected Jesus as King because they didn’t see. (John 1:9-13)

The message from Bethlehem is, “A light has come into the world.  Does your heart see and accept it?”