Sermons from September 2021

Sermons from September 2021

KCC Sermon Series Together

Life outside the House

Life together is: Modeled – Acts 2:42-47 Motivating – Acts 4:32-37 But it is also: Uncomfortable – Acts 5:1-11 Unusual – Acts 5:12-16 Be drawn to the model, motivated by the results, patient when it is uncomfortable, and praise God that it’s unusual.
It's Time Sermon Series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

Directional Disaster

Sermon Big Idea:  Journeying with Jesus is making a name of Him.  Moving away from Jesus is making a name for ourselves. Genesis 3:24 Adam and Eve were removed from God’s blessing. Genesis 4:16 Cain moved from “the presence of the Lord.” Genesis 11:1-2,4 (NIV) The “people” set out to make a name for themselves. Genesis 13:11 Lot relied on his own wisdom and moved toward disaster. …helping people journey with Jesus means… Romans 5:1-2 By faith, we now have How COVID has affected us