Life on the Inside

Life on the Inside

Sermon Scripture:  John 6:22-69

Sermon Big Idea:  Be the kind of group member that may have questions, but never questions Jesus’ authority.

Top things LIfe Group leaders hate but won’t tell you…

  1. You show up empty handed when it was your turn to bring the main course.
  2. 10,000 words were spoken during group and you said 9,957 of them.
  3. Every meeting you have a problem to unload that is bigger and sadder than everyone else’s issue.
  4. You were not a sweetie and didn’t wipe the seaty.
  5. You brought your comfort llama to the group.

Top things Life Group attendees hate but won’t tell their leader…

  1. Being asked to pray out loud.
  2. Ice breakers that dive into your soul on the first meeting.
  3. Being asked to pray out loud.
  4. The leader looking at me on my phone thinking I’m on facebook when I really just have my Bible app on my phone.
  5. Being asked to pray out loud.
  1. People came with the wrong kind of hunger. (v. 22-29)
  2. People came without honor. (v. 30-42)
  3. People came with hesitancy.  (v. 43-59)

Followers know there is no other choice.  (v. 60-69)

Be a group member that…

  1. Hungers for spiritual food.
  2. Honors the host.

Doesn’t hesitate to be all in.